The Hormone Healing Program

If you’re seeking a “wham-bam” miracle solution with dramatic and speedy results, this is not it.

You see, healing works differently. We’re reframing the outdated mindset of quick fixes and silver bullets and redesigning your lifestyle.

This 12-week intensive program gives you the personal attention you to need to heal your individual sources of imbalance once and for all. Self-directed coursework combined with 1:1 coaching sessions and 24/7 messaging access creates the perfect balance of empowerment and support so you can take back control of your health and your life. Together, we will tackle:

  • The basics of hormones and metabolism
  • The connections between stress, sleep, and your hormones
  • Gut health, cycle syncing, and skin clearing protocols
  • Habit-building, meal-planning, and designing a movement routine you can love

At the outset of this program as well as throughout, we will gauge your progress by evaluating your hormone levels and symptoms. I will teach you how to listen to your body in a new way so that you can spot when it gets out of balance, and bring it back into hormone harmony so that you can enjoy a life full of vitality.

$300.00 USD

3 monthly payments

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